SAP ecosystems can be a complex landscape especially, during the implementation stage. Memory database technology such as SAP HANA (High-Performance Analytic Appliance) is largely used in telecommunications, supply chain management, financial forecasting, fraud detection, etc. where it rapidly processes voluminous data in real-time and present analysis and answers.

To effectively implement SAP HANA, we have come up with an add-on accelerating application SAP Activate that seamlessly integrates and guides through the implementation process.


We support deployment through the cloud and also on-premises. While there are distinct advantages in deploying the application through Cloud as it becomes easy to update, upgrade and implement new features we can also install it on-premises. We can test migrate SAP ECC 6.0 systems in the cloud and install it wherever you wish, as required.

An in-memory cloud platform on open standards.
User-friendly and feature-rich application
A huge gamut of services right from implementation, integration, and collaboration.
Flexible, scalable and affordable
On-premise deployment or cloud solution

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