In recent years, Snowflake has emerged as a leading cloud data platform that facilitates real-time data access and seamless integration with leading data analytics and BI tools. S2 Integrators has partnered with Snowflake to deliver industry-leading cloud data warehousing for our clients. A cloud-agnostic data-sharing layer allows you to choose your desired cloud hosting platform, such as our partners AWS and Microsoft Azure. Native integrations are available with data analytics and business intelligence platforms.

S2Integrators has partnered with Snowflake to provide data migration and data architecture consulting services to its clients. This allows us to design and implement data warehouses that are future-proof, giving your enterprise the confidence and certainty needed to expand its operations.



Data warehouse modernization

Say goodbye to legacy data warehouses and hello to a modern data platform that unifies all your data and delivers valuable insights. We’ll help you build a business modernization framework and deploy solutions on top of Snowflake—minus the headache of traditionally complex data solutions.

Snowflake Implementation
Snowflake Implementation Planning

No two businesses are the same, and our Snowflake Implementation Planning services understand this. Our Snowflake experts can plan and design a data warehousing solution that readily accommodates your existing operations with the scalability and resilience to support your future business growth. From choosing the right cloud-hosting platform to driving data analytics and BI integration, we can help you find the optimal solution for your specific business needs.

snowflake data migration

Migrating from SAP BW, Teradata

Legacy data warehousing systems lack the performance and integrations with newer cloud-native solutions. They are also more costly, with hefty annual license fees. Snowflake operates on serverless infrastructure, billing you for the resources you use while also being scalable. S2Integrators experts can help you migrate from these legacy platforms to Snowflake to achieve better performance and reliability and to scale operations in the cloud..