Raj Vuppala

Raj Vuppala has a combination of business, process and technology experience encompassing both enterprise and consumer across varying industries, 20+ years of industry experience; worked on multiple projects/programs across Industry verticals like hi-tech, cpg/fmcg, retail, K12, manufacturing, utilities, oil &gas, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, media and Gov/County; Raj is a big picture visionary skilled in developing state-of-the-art solutions that drive revenue, profit and productivity gains. Raj worked at various Fortune 500 companies (clients) across countries, worked with multi-culture globally distributed project teams. His specialization is around digital transformation, enterprise data warehouse, advanced data analytics, enterprise application development which encompasses technology to drive innovation to empower and enable organizations to do more.
Raj holds a MS degree from the University of Liverpool along with holds various certificates in the subject area foreign trade management, people management, supply chain management, and Social Enterprise.