S2 Integrators LLC Cloud solutions can be leveraged with Hybrid integration, we have the experience in integration of Cloud platforms including AWS, Azure, Virtustream, SAP HCP. It would enable you to leverage your existing assets as desired and to work with one or more vendor solutions as appropriate across the stated geographies.

Given the variety of SAP platforms and non-ERP applications across the different geographies, an overall/ integrated architecture will be provided by our Solution Specialists.

We do your future technology roadmap preferences for things such as structured vs unstructured data sources, in memory performance & storage strategies - flash vs. spinning disk, nature of data growth and movement.

Our offer provides the following services in addition to public cloud providers:

  • Architecture design
  • Choice of partner and location
  • Enterprise levels of integrated management, assurance and support
  • Choice of technical preferences
  • Consolidated billing: you get a single invoice for all the service providers that you use, making it easy to see what you’re paying for
  • Single sign-on

Our proposed solution will provide increased levels of:

Scalability (Horizontal and vertical) – dynamically adding processing, memory and storage within a virtual machine (VM) and dynamically adding additional VMs as needed;

Flexibility - ability to mix and match services from different providers simultaneously. Our experts can work with you to model different solutions so as to establish which one best meets a given

Security model

Organizations are also concerned about the security of their data when hosted in foreign nations. The primary difference between the Cloud environment and more traditional outsourcing is the extent to which resources are shared. Whereas in a traditional outsourced environment services will typically run on dedicated hardware, conversely in a Cloud environment services will typically run on a shared physical infrastructure.

Our solution will provide the same degree of compliance (or Higher) that your organization already has, as our solutions can leverage the existing assets that are in place from Amazon Web Service (AWS) and Microsoft (Azure).